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Worried about your missing tooth?

Let’s talk about the perfect solution – Dental Implants

An implant is a structure that replaces the missing tooth. It is a medical device usually made up of titanium metal or its alloys, with screw like structures. It is one of the best options to replace the missing tooth in the oral cavity. A dental implant is inserted into the bony socket of the jaw bone. It acts as an anchor for the artificial tooth called crown. The crown is connected to the implant by another device called the abutment.

Dental Implant

The crowns resemble the colour, shade, form and function of the natural tooth.

Other prosthesis like denture and bridge can also be mounted on the implants for the replacement of multiple missing teeth.

Visit a nearby Dentist or a modern Dental Clinic near you if you have any missing teeth. Do note that these are specialized treatments usually performed by an Implantologist or Oral Surgeon. Also ensure that you are getting a good quality titanium implant to increase your chan


As compared to the conventional dentures, which are removable artificial teeth, embedded in an acrylic base, implants have following advantages:

  •  Aesthetically pleasing and gives a natural look.

  • Improves chewing function.

  • Higher success rate.

  • Need not be taken out and cleaned every night.

As compared to the conventional bridges, implants don’t require the reduction of the natural crown structure of the teeth on the either side of missing teeth

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