Dr. Gagandeep Grewal, started his career as a product expert for Clearpath orthodontics, in the field of Dentofacial Aesthetics.

He was also a clinical consultant for Allergan (The manufacturers of BOTOX and Juvederm Dermal fillers).

His expertise is in Facial Aesthetic procedures, and was the keynote speaker for Various Aesthetic Programmes and Conferences. He was also a Faculty For “Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Trichology and Nutrition (IICTN), a pioneer institute for wellness sciences in India, in operation for the last 20 years and also for Centre for Facial Aesthetic Training (CFAT).

He has successfully treated more than 5000+ patients and has been a Aesthetic consultant for leading brands like VLCC, Vibes, Charms amongst others. Now he is heading the Cosmetic Dentistry & Aesthetics Practice at The Dentique as HOD. The Dentique is one of the Best Dental Clinics in Kolkata. The team of specialists led by Dr. Bejoy Banerji, has more than 12 Experienced Specialists (MDS) and 2 In House General Dentists (BDS). It is an Advanced Dental Care Clinic with US FDA Approved Medical Lasers and other State-of-the-art Equipment. It is centrally located in Park Street, Camac Street area in Kolkata.

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The worlds most popular cosmetic Traetment now available at The Dentique.
Botox helps get rid off your wrinkles and fine lines with just one session of the treatment.DrGagan has treated more than 2000+ patients and considers botox to be the best ever cosmetic treatment ever developed.

Myth: Botox is unsafe:

Fact: The safety parameter of botox has been studied extensively and there are over 3000+ safety articles ok the same.

It is a USFDA approved treatment.

Fillers and non surgical face correction:

One of our most premier treatments we offer at The Dentique is the Art and Science of non surgical face correction with the help of filers.
DrGagan claims the treatment to last for upto 2 years and has been a trainer for the same on programmes organised throughout the country and also served as a clinical trainer for Facial aesthetics at Allergan medical institue and Indian Institute of Cosmetology Trichology and Nutritiom.

Now get the perfect facial shape, the perfect lips nose and the jaw line you desire in one session.And feel the difference.

Hair Fall Treatment:

PRP: The platellet rich plasma(prp), prepared from your own blood helps in repairing and reversing the damage caused to your hair follicles due to nutrient loss or other issues such as pattern baldness. Leading to enhanced hair growth and better hair quality Read More 

Pros: 100% natural treatment done with utmost scientific parameters in mind

Treatment duration: 45 min

Hydra facial:

The 3 in one technology to clean, exfoliate and Hydrate the sun and pollution-damaged skin. We use our custom blend of addetive meso solution to provide the perfect hydra facial cocktail for your skin.So That not just you but your skin shall remain hydrated and youthful too.

Chemical peels:

The top layer of your skin is exposed to multiple stress and external agents like pollution and sun damage. Chemical peels can help reverse the damage caused by exfoliating the top layer and inducing bio-stimulated collagen production to give you youthful skin.

Meso Magic:

Your skin and hairs need the macronutrients for a healthy lifecycle, but with the increasing work stress and poor diet orientation we fail to provide the same. The Meso Magic Traetment at The Dentique helps in enhancement of the micro nutrient supply of skin and hair.

Skin boosters:

Boost your skin repair with International standard Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and polypeptide based combinations to hydrate and reapair the skin at cellular level and reverse the signs of ageing

Vitamin drips:

Micro nutrition therapy or vita drips helps in balancing out the loss of micro nutritiom from the circulation and also enhancing the overall cellular reapir and onti oxidation of the body.