Why is The Dentique one of the best dental clinics in Kolkata?

The Dentique is simply put, one of the Best Dental Clinics in Kolkata because of 2 very important factors. They are:

  • Team

In this age of specialities, you need a team of Dentists to correctly diagnose and treat dental issues. This is the emerging trend in healthcare. Team Dentique has a panel of more than 15+ Dentists, both MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) and BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) with more than 100 years of collective experience. Team Dentique is an excellent mix of dedicated Specialists, Generalists and Dental Professionals delivering quality Dental Healthcare. Our in-house Dental Surgeons are experienced in diagnosing and creating holistic treatment plans. Specialists are then assigned depending on the case and the treatment is done by the Specialists in close coordination with Dental Surgeons. This results in proper diagnosis and treatment.


We have treated over 1800+ patients, conducted over 4000+ successful procedures in less than 2 years. We are rated 4.8 on Google by our patients. The Dentique is managed by IIM Alumni.


  • Infrastructure

Currently with the pandemic, hygiene, social distancing and sterilization has taken centre-stage. The Dentique is built over 2000 sq. ft and is one of the largest Dental Clinics in Kolkata. It has a 4 large private Dental Chambers designed for proper social distancing. At The Dentique, we use a Software-driven Scheduling System to allocate appointments, thus reducing waiting time for patients to almost NIL. The Dentique has free parking for its patients in Middleton Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata. Further The Dentique has the latest in Extraoral Imaging from Carestream, i.e. OPG Imaging Machine, Digital X-Rays and Dental Lasers for better diagnosis and painless treatments. The Dentique has its’ own Dental Lab delivering world class, no-compromise prosthesis in a matter of days!


This is what separates The Dentique from rest of the Dental Clinics in eastern India, making it one of the best Dental Clinics in Kolkata.

How is The Dentique different from other Dental Clinics?

The Dentique is different from the rest of the Dental Clinics in Kolkata in the following ways:

  • The Dentique is not led by a Single Dentist

Team Dentique has a panel of more than 15+ Dentists, both MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) and BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) with more than 100 years of collective experience. The emerging trend in Oral Healthcare is Specialization. In today’s day and age, a single Dentist cannot hope to acquire the breadth and depth of knowledge required to conduct all advanced dental procedures and treatments. Today a holistic treatment plan needs to be put in place in consultation with both Generalists and Specialists.

  • The Dentique not the Average Dental Clinic

The size of the Average Dental Clinic in Kolkata is less than 500 sq. foot – Leading to poor social distancing, long waiting, cramped conditions. The Dentique is more than 4 Times the size of an average Dental Clinic. With 4 Private Dental Chambers each measuring at least 150 sq. ft., large waiting area, free parking, wheelchair access The Dentique is the largest Dental Clinic in Kolkata and Eastern India.

  • The Dentique means Dependability

Unlike other Dental Clinics, we ensure that our patients are satisfied with their treatment. We stand by our services. Our in-house lab delivers world class prosthesis within days. Our Crowns come with a No-Questions-Asked Warranty. Our patients have rated us 4.8 on Google (150+ Reviews). We have successfully treated 1800+ Patients in less than 2 years. Conducted 4000+ successful treatments since 2020.

How long is the waiting time to see the Dentist?

At the Dentique we use the latest software-driven scheduling systems to minimise waiting time for our patients. Appointments are scheduled based on case load, resource availability, average treatment times and other factors. Thus, waiting time is almost NIL for our patients.

What is the Smile Care Card?

At the Dentique we believe that a little bit of precaution goes a long way in Prevention. Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is. With the SmileCare Card we ensure that our patients have access to a Dentist through-out the year for their regular Dental Check-ups. They are also entitled to a discount on our charges, all this for a nominal fee of Rs 500 per year.

There is a parking issue in Central Kolkata, what should I do?

At the Dentique, we offer free parking to our patients. This is unheard of in central Kolkata. If you take an appointment with us, we ensure that you have a parking bay available in our premises at the time of your appointment. The Dentique is also well connected by Kolkata Metro and other Public Transport options.

How will I know that my treatment is genuine?

At the Dentique, our in-house Dental Surgeons who are experienced in diagnosing and creating holistic treatment plans will first consult with you. Specialists are then assigned depending on the case and the treatment is done by the Specialists in close coordination with Dental Surgeons. This results in proper diagnosis and treatment. At the Dentique we ensure your satisfaction. This is supported by our high Google Rating of 4.8 by our patients.

As a Clinic what precautions or protocols are you following for Covid?

Overall, we follow all guidelines as laid down by the Indian Dental Association. The Dentique is built, as per the post-Covid normal. We are built over 2000+ sq. ft. ensuring proper social distancing. We have 4 private dental chambers which provide proper separation during procedures. We sanitise our chambers and touch points after every patient visit. All instruments are autoclaved before use. Using software-based scheduling we ensure that the waiting time is almost NIL. Thus, reducing crowding. We have a large waiting area for proper distancing. Usage of disposable gloves, glasses, bibs etc are encouraged to help reduce/eliminate contamination. We are a 100% Covid-safe clinic.

If I start my treatment on the same day, will the consultation charges be adjusted?

Yes, in case you start your dental treatment on the same day, then your regular consultation charges are waived. Please inform the same at the time of billing.

Is The Dentique costlier as compared to other Dental Clinics?

At The Dentique we believe in quality. Our service and product quality are top notch. This is non-negotiable for us. Therefore, we charge for the quality we offer. We believe that our charges are fair and reasonable. We have patients from all walks of life. We attend to everyone and try to give the best possible treatment for the patient keeping in mind their budget.

Are dentists Available during weekends?

We are open and available on Saturdays. However, we are closed on Sundays.

Which is the best dental clinic in Kolkata for Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is not a simple procedure as many clinics would have you believe. It needs the expert hand of a Specialist (MDS – Master of Dental Surgery in Endodontics), using modern instruments like endo-motors, dental lasers, digital x-rays etc. Materials used must be of excellent quality, preferably imported. And last but not the least the ambience, the staff and the charges should make you feel comfortable. If one Dental Clinic can offer all of these then it is the best clinic for root canal treatment. At the Dentique we can proudly say we offer all of the above plus more!

What are the timings of the Dentique?

The Dentique is open from Mon to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Visit is by prior appointment only.

When is the Dentique closed?

The Dentique is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

What do I do when I reach the clinic? What is the registration procedure?

When you reach the clinic, it is a simple procedure to register yourself. We take only a few personal details to register you in the system. Once registered you can meet your Dentist at the appointed time. There are no registration charges.

Does the clinic cater to Children?

At the Dentique, we have multiple MDS Dentists on our panel who have specialised in Paediatric Dentistry or Dentistry for Children. Our specialists treat the child with utmost care and attention. We have toys and cartoons for our young patients while they are in the clinic. As a result, we have built up a fanbase of a fair number of children, who love to come to the clinic for their regular check-ups and have lost all fear of dentistry. In the near future we plan to a dedicated paediatric chamber for the younger patients which will make then feel more at home.