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What causes tooth ache/pain? Toothache can be very annoying and can cause difficulty in falling asleep or to concentrate in any work. Grossly damaged tooth gets worse at night. Tooth ache occurs due to inflammation in or around the tooth which is mainly caused by irritation of the nerve that supplies the tooth (in the pulp region). Toothache can be due to Caries or cavity (tiny holes) that causes decay of tooth structure. (Commonest cause). Cavities or Caries occur when acids & bacteria destroy the enamel and eat away the tissues inside the tooth which in turn exposes the nerve, causing mild-to-severe pain.

Tooth Impaction

Tooth impaction happens when a tooth fails to erupt out from the gingiva (gums) into the oral cavity. It causes repeated gum swelling and pain which may radiate to the ears.

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Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by gum infection due to poor oral hygiene & sometimes due to some systemic disease/ medications leading to gum bleeding, jaw bone loss and loosening of teeth.

Foul Smell or Bad Breath

Poor oral hygiene is one of the major causes of bad breath (halitosis) or foul smell. Incomplete removal of food particles which start rotting when bacteria acts on them. This in turn causes formation of sulphide compounds which causes foul odor.

Oral Ulcer and Sores

An oral ulcer is erosion of the oral mucosa and is usually a reddish or whitish red blister-like growth on the inside of your mouth. This causes a burning sensation while having food. Any oral ulcer for a prolonged period of more than 10-15 days is a not a healthy sign.

Causes of Oral ulcers:

  • Sharp tooth edges causing constant trauma or ulcers in the oral mucosa.

  • Bruised gums due to improper brushing/sudden slippage of brush leading to ulceration.

  • Accidental cheek biting while chewing.

  • Improper fit of dentures causing constant trauma to the gums.

  • Systemic disorders and certain medications.

Consult an experienced dentist or visit a dental clinic with modern amenities immediately.

Filling or Restoration

Filling of the cavity (sealants) to prevent further tooth decay. This is done with tooth coloured resin/composite filling materials. This procedure is totally painless. Visit your nearby dentist or dental clinic to get your filling done. Be sure to ask for mercury-free filling materials.

Root Canal Treatment

RCT (Root canal treatment) is a very common treatment protocol which replaces the tooth’s infected nerve or pulp part with a whole tooth & root filling. RCT may need to be performed under topical Anesthesia in stages over one/two sittings. RCTs need to done carefully, preferably by an Endodontist. Visit a nearby Dentist or a Dental Clinic near you if you have any teeth or gum problems.

Crowns and Bridge

Crowns are cap like structures that cover the whole tooth which helps rebuilding the broken/ damaged tooth structure restoring the functional as well as aesthetic needs. Be sure to enquire about the latest technology in crowns, like CAD/CAM, Zirconia crowns which have excellent aesthetic value and fitment. Visit your local dental clinic or consult a good dentist near you for crowns and bridges.


Dentures are the artificial teeth that replace the missing teeth in the oral cavity. Dentures not only restore the aesthetic but also the functionality of the missing teeth. The whole procedure is relatively painless and done with patient cooperation. To get a good fitting denture made visit your local dental clinic or consult a good dentist near you.

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling is the cleaning of built-up debris from the teeth which includes softened food particles (Plaque) or hardened food remnants along with saliva minerals (calculus/ tartar). Plaque and calculus are the main culprits which cause gum disease.

After scaling, each patient will be given tailored instructions on oral hygiene maintenance for keeping gums healthy. This procedure is done mainly under topical (spray) anaesthesia. The process can be done at your nearby dental clinic with modern amenities.

Tooth Extraction

Extraction is tooth removal under local anaesthesia/ sedation. In the era of modern dentistry, we aim to preserve natural teeth but the extensively decayed and damaged ones may need to be removed for better oral health. Post extraction tailored instructions are advised to the patients. This is a medical procedure and patients with tooth and gum problems are advised to seek the advice of a good, experienced dentist.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is recommended to correct abnormalities in jaw and tooth position, such as crowding, an overbite or protruding teeth. Such correction is usually done by a qualified and experienced Orthodontist. Corrective treatment may include braces or a removable device, and subsequently a retainer appliance to maintain correct tooth positions. Time duration is case dependent.

Enquire about the latest in brace technology like transparent or ceramic braces, Invisalign and metal braces. Visit a modern dental clinic and seek the advice of a qualified Orthodontist in case you feel you have any of the above issues.

Maintain Oral Hygiene by brushing regularly and properly. This is perhaps the key to good oral health. We exercise to maintain good bone and muscle health. Oral health is just as important. It impacts our overall well-being and health in multiple ways. It is important to seek regular advice of your family dentist even if you do not have any apparent dental problems.

Children are especially susceptible to dental issues due to a number of factors. It is thus very important for children to regularly visit their family dentist or a Pediatric Dentist at a nearby, good Dental Clinic.

Visit your family dentist or dental surgeon for a check-up every 6 months. This goes a long way in preventing future problems.

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