Hair Fall Treatment

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Hair Fall Treatment using Platelet Rich Plasma

This is a regenerative treatment used by physicians to heal and repair various tissue systems in our body such as

  1. Hair follicles, Scalp etc. in case of hair loss.
  2. The treatment also helps to stimulate the activity of fibroblast in the skin that leads to production of collagen and enhancement of skin.
  3. The treatment is also used to heal tissue in the extraction socket, surgical site, burns etc. to provide a natural healing mechanism.

The platelets form an important part of our vascular systems have many inherent growth factors such as IGF, YGF, HGF etc. inside its’ Alpha Granules. These growth factors once injected into the receptor site and will trigger the body’s own natural healing process to heal the affected tissue like hair, skin etc.

In which cases is this treatment useful?

  • Hair loss / hair fall, Hair thinning and hair miniaturization.
  • Acne scars, pigmentation (Sun exp) tanning etc.
  • Loss of skin elasticity and tone, uneven texture & tone of skin.
  • Joint pains.
  • Surgical and burn sites etc.

PRP – Platelet rich plasma

PRF – Platelet rich fibrinogen

GFC – Growth factor concentrate

The biggest advantage of this revolutionary treatment is that there are no external medications or chemicals used. The body’s own in-built healing mechanism is triggered to improve hair growth, repair damaged hair follicles and repair skin.

Walk in for a consultation with our expert on regenerative medicine to discuss how PRP/PRF/GFC can benefit you.

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